Are you curious and not sure if this is for you? Try out our 1-hour introduction to the basics of Pole dancing, Chair Dancing or Splits & Backbends for only $15. 

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Pole 1 - Learn basic pole dance tricks and transitions. There is no choreography in this class.

Polegraphy (Beg) - Learn basic pole dance tricks & a short dance choreography by the end of the class.

Chair (Beg) - Learn the basic fundamentals to dancing seductively. This class involves a simple chair dance routine & maybe even some role playing and stripping on occasion. Don’t worry! There is no nudity in class.

Splits & Backbends - This is a multi-level flexibility class. Expect partner stretching, dynamic conditioning and stretching techniques to help you to achieve better splits and back flexibility.

Read the terms & conditions carefully before booking:

. Applicable for first-time registrants at The Brass Barre only. You must be a Singapore resident to enjoy Trial class rates. Standard drop-in rate of $45 applies for tourists.

. Trial lessons are to be capped at a maximum of 1x Trial lessons per student only. Trials booked thereafter will be chargeable at $45 per lesson.

. Please choose your lessons carefully, all sales are final. Once you've booked your Trial class dates, they are fixed. Changes in time & dates will not be entertained. There are no refunds or credit issued once you've booked your class.

. Suitable for anyone at any fitness level.

. Ladies only, unless stated. Up to 2 to 1 pole for full Trial classes.



1. Download our mobile booking app (found at the bottom of this page) or visit out our online booking platform here 

2. Once you've created a student profile, choose any of the classes above in the 'Trial Classes' tab.

3. All available trial lessons will be featured on the app. If there isn't a day that suits your schedule, check-in again another time for new trial lessons.

4. If you opt to pay CASH at reception, there is a chance the class may be cancelled without any notice. Only fully paid Trial Class lessons will secure your space in class.


. We have a strict no show & latecomer policy - If you missed a class, there are no refunds of class credit for 'no-show' or 'latecomers'

. Arrive 10-15min before the start of your class to register and change into your workout attire. You will not be permitted to participate the warm up has started, calling us to inform us that you will be late does not change this policy.



Do not apply moisturiser on the day of your class. Lotion leaves a film of oil on your skin, which makes the pole slippery and dangerous.


Pole Dance:

Yoga or Brazilian shorts above the knees, tank top & face towel


Chair Dance:

 Tank top, shorts above the knees or leggings & face towel. Sexy is key! Bring an extra loose fitting top to remove in class just in case!


Splits & Backbends:

Leggings, tank top that covers the torso & face towel. (This is a non air-conditioned class that involves partner stretching. For comfort and hygiene purposes, all participants is advised to adhere to the dress code.)


All available Trial lessons will be listed on our booking app.