Our class structure runs every 8-weeks where we teach tricks and/or choreography progressively throughout the term. No dance or gymnastics background is required for our classes – at all. Our classes by default are for ladies only unless ‘Co-Ed’ is stated.

You don’t have to prep or get fit to pole. You come to us to get fit!


Having a strong foundation is key to success with advancing through pole classes. We have a well-structured syllabus, comprising of 5 levels. Our level courses focus on strengthening techniques and are the building blocks to your pole dancing journey.

And because safety is our top priority, an instructor will assess all students to ensure that they have the skills to progress to the next level. You'll even get an assessment certificate!


There are no limits when it comes to pole dancing! We have classes dedicated to senior women who are at least 50 years old and above.


 From Russian Exotic, Pole Art to Booty poppin routines, this is an exercise regime you can look forward to, all with our distinctive signature style mixing stilettos, sensual movement, feline flair and hair-flipping glory. These classes are designed for those who want focus on choreography.