We believe that women should dance for themselves. Sure, pole dancing can be sexy, athletic or artistic but the truth is, it's whatever you want it to be. Pole is an expression of who you are. It allows you to get deeply connected with your body so you can express yourself on your own terms, it is a sport that trains strength and discipline, and it is a dance that celebrates the lyrical beauty of the human form.

We are on a mission to inspire women of all ages and race that we barre none and that anyone can pole! Our youngest students are 18 years old and our eldest student is in her 70s! You don't get fit to pole but you pole to get fit. 


There are no limits when it comes to pole dancing! We have seasonal classes dedicated to women who are 50 years old and above.

Pole Gold: The syllabus of our Pole Gold classes are tailored to senior women who wish to move at a slower pace compared to our standard level classes. This class will consist of Beginner level upright spins and a short choreography. It’s time to get your mom and aunt to join the fun and get fit with like minded women!


What are some of the benefits to pole dancing you ask? Read on here

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Rose Diamonds is a pole dancing team consisting of cancer survivors and supporters, and seniors who are committed to creating awareness that there is life after cancer and in old age, and that cancer survivors and the elderly can lead full and active lives.

The Brass Barre supports the fitness activities of the Rose Diamonds by sponsoring the use of the pole studio for 1-hour every week. Pole keeps the members of the Rose Diamonds strong and fit. 

The benefits of pole dancing aren’t limited to developing a strong body.  It helps to improve mental and emotional health, prevent injuries and increase mobility, as well as make a person more confident and agile. 

The Rose Diamonds performance at A Pole Story "Adventures of Wonderland". A production by The Brass Barre.