1 JULY - 25 AUGUST 2019


New classes:

Pole 4 - Pre-Advanced

Pole 5 - Advanced

Pole 6 - High Advanced (seasonal, only Pole Theatre available this term)

Level Criteria - Term 4.jpg


(click on timetable image for enlarged view)

Studio 1 - Capacity of 18 poles

Studio 2 - Capacity of 8 poles

Studio 3 - Capacity of 13 poles (new unit)

Queens Room - Capacity of 5 poles (Practice and Private room aka Studio 3 this term)

Priority of access to classes:

1. Students who have signed up for the scheduled class (1 to 1 pole)

2. Drop-in's who paid $45 (1 to 1 pole)

3. Partners - Trial classes (2 to 1 pole)

4. Make-up students (1 to 1 pole)

5. Privilege Club members who are on the pole buffet (1 to 1 pole)

6. Single term pole buffet package holders (1 to 1 pole)

For class capacity, use your booking app to view the availability of slots if you are looking to make-up or drop-in a class. That way you’ll know the chances if you can make-up your lesson! Arrive to the studio on the day to get your name on top of the waitlist.

Here’s a tip - Full classes sometimes can accommodate up to 1-3 make-ups only.

*Pole practice - one pole per person (strictly no sharing). Walk-ins are subjected to availability of pole. Register online to book a pole in advanced here.

*Missed a lesson? Not to worry, you can always make-up your missed lesson within the term. Find out more here

*Minimum number of sign ups are required to start a class. The studio reserves the right to change/cancel classes and/or instructors in the event minimum number is not met. There are strictly no refunds for paid courses. Class credit will be issued to those who have signed up for the cancelled classes.