We love Pleasers shoes because they are comfortable to dance in and are very durable for pole dancing. They can most definitely be used to drag your feet during floor work and take a beating when you do those crazy drops and heel clacks!

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  • Average pole shoe height are 7 inches tall.
  • If you are new to wearing stripper heels, we recommend buying heels that are 6 inches or 7 inches tall. Nothing lower than 6 inches tall as the arch of the shoe would be too step and difficult to dance in.
  • The clear plastic tops are the most comfortable and stable designs to wear! It is idea that you buy heels that have the ankle strap. This design tends to feel tight at the widest part of the foot when they are new, but they'll stretch out just enough for them to feel comfortable.
  • The leather & PVC designs are great too! But they'll need a little bit more time to settle in. But! Everyone's feet size is different, so give em a try and see what tickles your fancy!
  • How to know if the shoe fits? When you try the shoes, it is important that there is no more than 1cm of extra space at the toes. It's all about the length! In the event you have really wide feet, you might want to consider the model 'ASPIRE' as the footbed width is much wider than the standard footbed.
  • What's the difference between ADORE and SKY? It's the heel! ADORE has a round heel tip, while SKY has a D shaped heel tip.


If you need to know the cost for the pair you are interested in, please write to and indicate the exact model code for a quotation.

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