No dance or gymnastics background is required for The Brass Barre’s classes – at all.

We have a well-structured syllabus comprising 7 levels from Beginners to High Advanced, so you won’t ever be placed in a class that is too tough for you. Every class begins with a short warm-up, followed by pole tricks & ending with a choreography. Level courses are fundamental lessons you need attend to you progress.

An 8-week choreography course consists of 7 classes and 1 performance class during week 8. 1 class per week.

Safety is our top priority, and an instructor will assess all students to ensure that they have the skills to progress to the next level. You'll even get an assessment certificate!

You don’t have to prep or get fit to pole. You come to us to get fit!



Get a great work out and learn a routine that incorporates fun pole spins, transitions and sexy floorwork. This level is carefully designed for women who do not have any pole dance experience. 

Pre-Intermediate 1

Ready to go upside down? Once you have mastered the beginners course, learn to flip your skills upside down with basic pole inversions and handstands.

 Pre-requisites: Have completed a Beginners course. Spin climb / Cradle spin / Back hook spin / Front hook spin / Fireman spin / Seated V

Pre-Intermediate 2

Now that you've learn to invert, this class will spend more time mastering inversions and handstands.

 Pre-requisites: Ankle grab / Handstand stag / Backstag / Cradle spin (both sides)



The intricacy and variety of inverted tricks will increase in complexity. We recommend 2 courses per week at this level.

 Pre-requisites: Have passed Pre-Intermediate 2, confident executing Chopper / Handstand stag & Straddle / Spin climb to Pole Sit / Open Jamilla on both sides / Back stag on both sides

High Intermediate

Now that you have increased both your pole strength and endurance, take it to the next level with a choreography that will have you on the pole for a longer period of time.

 Pre-requisites: Have passed Intermediate, confident executing Spin climb into chopper (both sides) / Outside leg hang (both sides) / Inside leg hang (both sides) / Layback into elbow stand / Violator)



You can expect a killer workout and learn some serious pole moves in the process. 

Pre-requisites: Have passed High Intermediate, confident executing Twisty grip into chopper to Outside leg hang / Foldover both sides / Layback into handstand / Half star on both sides / Nose dive / Butterfly / Caterpillar / Elbow stand into layback



Physically demanding and acrobatic. A class not for the faint hearted.

Pre-requisites:  Have passed Pre-Advanced, confident executing Inside leg hang into static V / Shoulder mount to Outside leg hang / Extended butterfly / Handstand into layback)

High Advanced

Our High Advanced course is a big step up in the world of impressive tricks and displays of strength on the pole.

Pre-requisites: By invitation only




From Russian Exotic, Pole Art to Booty poppin routines, this is an exercise regime you can look forward to, all with our distinctive signature style mixing stilettos, sensual movement, feline flair and hair-flipping glory.

An 8-week course consist of 7 classes & 1 performance class on week 8. These classes are designed for those who want focus on choreography.


Pole Art

Learn how to dance with intent as you work your way through a choreographed emotive routine


. Open level: Pre-Intermediate 2 repeater

. Advanced level: High Intermediate repeater


Learn body isolations, grinding and booty popping on the pole and the floor – a great, sexy workout that will sculpt those legs and give you buns of steel. A workout that work your ass off!

Pre-requisites: Beginners welcome

 Pole & Chair

A choreography class that involves Pole and Chair work combined.

Pre-requisites: Pre-Intermediate repeater



A fun and sexy workout in heels. A choreography filled with slinky body isolations, hair flips and leg teases on the floor.

Pre-requisites: Beginners welcome (unless stated)

Russian Exotic

The Russian flow has gained momentum across the pole world. The iconic style combines drops, tricks, intricate and purposeful leg extensions. It displays deceptive strength and skill. It is an incredible full body workout! Heels and knee pads are highly recommend for this class.


. Open level: Pre-Intermediate 2 repeater

. Advanced level: High Intermediate repeater


Polegraphy is choreography based classes focused on pole dancing, transitions, floor work, and flow of movement. It is a great class to build stamina and bring out showmanship and the showgirl side of a routine, rather than just being about tricks. Heels are optional but encouraged.


. Open level: Pre-Intermediate repeater

. Advanced level: High Intermediate repeater

Check out our guest choreographers here



Our 8-week technique course consists of 8 classes. 1 class per week. It is great for those who wish to work on only tricks, there is no dance choreography in these classes. Many students use these classes as a supplementary class for those who participating in our level classes.


Techniques 1

Designed for those who don’t want to dance and just focus on executing tricks with style and grace. This class covers specific tricks and combinations in Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate, plus tricks not taught in our level classes. A fantastic supplementary course to Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate students.

Pre-requisites: Have completed a Beginners course

Techniques 3

For advanced students who want to learn trending and gravity defying tricks & combinations. There is no dance choreography in this class. Perfect for students who are taking Pre-Advanced and Advanced level courses.

Pre-requisites: Have passed Pre-Advanced

Techniques 2

We’ll work on strengthening your entire body for you to master both High Intermediate & Pre-Advanced tricks and combinations. We’ll work those lines and make each move look effortless. There is no dance choreography in this class. A perfect course for High Intermediate students.

 Pre-requisite: Have passed Intermediate


Trendy Tricks (Open)

A class focused on tricks and combinations that is not structure in our level courses. There is no dance choreography in this class.

Pre-requisites: Have passed Pre-Intermediate 2

Trendy Tricks (Adv)

Power tricks, Flexy tricks - we got you covered! You'll learn advanced level tricks and combinations that is not structure in our level courses. There is no dance choreography in this class.

Pre-requisites: Have passed High Intermediate