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All transferring students must be assessed should you wish to book a class beyond Pre-Intermediate.

FREE assessments are available for transferring students! Here's how to book one:

1. Assessments are done during pole practice slots. Have a look at our current timetable here

2. Fill out the form below

3. We'll take about 1-3 business days to revert & confirm the availability of an Instructor


On the day of your assessment:

. Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to register and fill out the studio waiver

. Change into your workout attire and warm-up on your own

. Your Instructor will ask you to execute a number of tricks based on our criteria to know which level best suits you!

. The assessment would take about 10-15 minutes tops! If you'd like to stay for pole practice you may book a pole online for only $10 here


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Tell us about the type of pole you are comfortable with *
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Are you a trickster or a dancer? *
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Visit our current timetable and look out for Pole Practice sessions