We are proud to have world-renown aerialist, circus performer and judge Aurelia Cats on our team of instructors, offering you safe and high-quality instruction in Singapore.

Our Aerial and Contortion classes are set in an intimate environment to ensure you get the correct techniques to build a strong foundation for beginners, and develop skills further for those with experience. A smaller student-to-teacher ratio means a more hands-on approach and more attention devoted to you!

There is no choreography in these classes.

These are stand alone classes that can be purchased in the form of single and multiple sessions. Class is open to ladies who are at least 18 years old only.


Aerial Hoop

We teach Lyra hoop as a single point apparatus and each Aerial class holds only up to 8 students (2 persons to 1 hoop). Therefore you will want to book your sessions in advanced so you don't miss out! Wear leggings and a tight fitting top.

Contortion & Conditioning

Our contortion class is one of the first-of-it's kind in Singapore where we offer a full Term of this type of class. Our instructors correct form and gently push you deeper, building your flexibility slowly and safely. As you advance from stretching into Contortion, you learn just how far your body can go - giving you even more tools to improve your aerial or acrobatic performances. Wear leggings, socks and a tank top. Wearing a back-warmer is encouraged. Bring a towel, a bottle of water and expect to sweat, A LOT!


Aerial 1

This class is focused on the fundamentals and technique to build confidence and stamina on Lyra. Learn basic mounts and poses with a strong emphasis on form. Incorporated with sequences and slides to descend from the Lyra with style & grace, and progressions into different shapes, holds & inversions. 

In addition, you will develop an understanding of basic Lyra terminology, safety on the apparatus as well as momentum, weight bearing and balance transfer on the Lyra. You will also develop the unique strength and flexibility required for aerial acrobatics!

Pre-requisites: None! No prior experience is necessary to take part in this class.

Aerial 2

This is a class for Advanced Beginners to learn new skills and perfect their technique. Learn spinning techniques of the Lyra as you execute poses and moves on and above the hoop. This class aims to give you the confidence to build your own Lyra sequence and develop fluidity and musicality in the air.

In addition, you will continue to expand on the basics of form, technique and safety as well as continue to develop your strength and flexibility.

Pre-requisites: You must be able to invert and sit on Lyra with good form and must be able to hang from one knee unassisted.

Aerial 3

A class for Intermediate students who have mastered the basics of Lyra and have adequate strength and flexibility to move safely around and within the apparatus. Learn transitions to connect your moves with fluidity and new skills that require more strength, endurance and flexibility.

Pre-requisites: Must be able to pull up and over to belly unassisted. Comfortable spinning with one or both hands. Must be able to complete 3 minutes of choreography/improv in the air with good form.

Contortion & Conditioning

This class will push the limits of flexibility and allow for a more in-depth understanding of executing advanced poses with proper alignment. Stamina and moving through movements with fluidity will also be a focal point of this class. We will be aiming for over-splits, toes to your head and beyond, more full back curvature and forward folds. Muscle flexibility can be acquired with persistent training, we encourage that you take lessons at least once a week for consistency and a minimum of twice a week for the best results.

Pre-requisites: All levels welcome